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General donation addresses

You can donate to the project by sending Riecoins or Bitcoins to the addresses:

  • ric1qr3yxckxtl7lacvtuzhrdrtrlzvlydane2h37ja (RIC)
  • bc1qr3yxckxtl7lacvtuzhrdrtrlzvlydaneqela0u (BTC)

This money will be used to cover hosting/domain expenses and to fund projects or exchange listings.

Current funding

You can fund Riecoin projects to encourage people that work on them, or help to pay exchange listings.

Core Riecoin members decide who earns the funds (if applicable).

Funds/Donations for Funding address
Riecoin Core 0.20 upgrade ric1qynytquunhzng3l7wjlcnn3xzcucnmnjd76dkaa (RIC) / bc1qynytquunhzng3l7wjlcnn3xzcucnmnjd55r4qu (BTC)
Future Riecoin Core upgrades (0.21+) ric1qml5q7aqe0clq66gcyqews6kuaw9fl9mykj5m2s (RIC) / bc1qml5q7aqe0clq66gcyqews6kuaw9fl9myuu6ch3 (BTC)
New exchanges listings ric1q5t58dgkf97m0du4sxh8l2ydee95vk8fxs6xklz (RIC) / bc1q5t58dgkf97m0du4sxh8l2ydee95vk8fx65g4zr (BTC)
Riecoin faucet ric1qfv9m7lklk8t48hxwx46ulax7tcasnclcfx06f4 (RIC) / bc1qfv9m7lklk8t48hxwx46ulax7tcasnclcrgpe55 (BTC)

If you have an interesting project to propose, you can contact a core member and have your project listed here.


Here are some tasks that will earn you a bounty if you fulfill them! If you achieve the task and satisfy the conditions, the unspent coins sent to the corresponding address will be yours! First arrived, first serve!

You can also fund these bounties by sending coins to the addresses if available.

The person who proposed a bounty decides who earns it and if the conditions were satisfied.

Task Bounty amount or address(es) Offered by Conditions
Beat the 7, 8 or 9-tuples world record ric1qhnynu505cej8plhk55k2pq25euf7gh8vfz8vn6 Pttn Beat the record with a difficulty at least 5% higher using Riecoin software.
Beat the 5, 6, 10 or 11-tuples world record ric1qu5a0m5apyc8tuhjpt5gczeevqmr229rzl2yw9u Pttn Beat the record with a difficulty at least 5% higher using Riecoin software.

Do you want to see something accomplished? You can request to add a bounty to the list by contacting a core member!

Date Task Amount Offered by Claimed by Conditions