From Riecoin

As mentioned in the FAQ, Riecoin is community led and we don’t have paid developers or a concrete organization. However, notable contributors tend to become reference people that represent the project and form a de facto Riecoin Team. You can contact us formally by email, info at Riecoin dot dev. Alternatively, you can contact Pttn in platforms like Discord.

Usually we reply within 48 h, but if you don't receive a reply within a week (also check your spam folder), then we are not interested in your offer, or your message was rejected due to, inter alia, a reason explained below. Don't send follow-up emails, it will be treated as spam.

Please understand that our resources are very limited, so if you are proposing a service, please don't contact us if you charge a fee, even if it might seem cheap to you.

Technical and Support Questions

Please don't ask for technical questions and help, prefer using public communication platforms like Discord or BitcoinTalk for this and ensure that they are already covered in the website, especially in the FAQ and the various guides.


Riecoin listings are welcome, especially if your exchange has significant volume. However, as said above, our resources are very limited and we cannot afford to pay usual listing fees, so please don't contact us if the listing has a fee. We would also choose and contact ourselves new exchanges if we wanted a new listing.

If you like the project and can propose free listing and advantageous offers for Riecoin users like free trading for RIC pairs and free RIC deposits/withdrawals, we would appreciate a lot.

Press, blogs, Youtubers

Feel free to request an interview with a reference member of the project, write articles about Riecoin and spread the word.


There are several ways to contribute to Riecoin, read the Contribute page to learn more. You can contact us for pointers, but we also expect you to be autonomous and find out by yourself what should be done (though you should of course inform the community about your projects).

If you wish to get seriously involved in Riecoin, you can also read the Team page and look for open positions.