News/Prime 10-tuplet world record beaten with rieMiner!

From Riecoin
Published on 2020-04-05 by Pttn.

Another record was beaten using rieMiner. Pttn found the largest known prime decuplet, with numbers having 156 digits, while it was 136 for the previous record from 2017. Here is the base prime number :


Constellation pattern:

An AMD Ryzen 3700X was again used. It took 40-50 days of computations for an estimated time of about 75 days to find such decuplet in average.

The record was submitted to Tony Forbes, who confirmed its validity and listed it on his website showing the largest known prime constellations. Currently, four of the records (7 to 10-tuplets) were done using rieMiner.

Additionally, it also beats the largest known simultaneous prime record for , which had 152 digits and was found in 2016. Jens Kruse Andersen, the maintainer of this list, will add the record in a few weeks.