News/Prime 8-tuplet world record beaten with rieMiner!

From Riecoin
Published on 2019-10-20 by Pttn.

After Vidarn, it is the Pttn’s turn to break a world record using the rieMiner’s Benchmark Mode! He indeed found a prime octuplet with numbers having 309 digits, while it was 304 digits for the previous record from 2017. Here is the base prime :


Constellation pattern:

The processor was an AMD Ryzen 3700X @ 4 GHz and it was estimated to take about 17 days to find such octuplet. However the run took about 24 days.

The octuplet was submitted to Tony Forbes, who confirmed its validity and listed it on his website showing the largest known prime constellations.

Hopefully breaking new records regularly with rieMiner will eventually attract some interest in Riecoin software and skilled developers having experience in other prime number related software!

A #competition channel was opened in Discord in order to discuss about tuning or improving rieMiner to make it even more competitive for beating world records (and efficient for mining). If you are interested in taking part of this fun competition, or a developer interested in improving rieMiner, you are more than welcome to post there! Anyone with a very good CPU can participate.