News/Riecoin Core released

From Riecoin
Published on 2019-05-05 by Pttn.

A lot of efforts have been given in order to modernize the Riecoin wallet from 0.10.2 to 0.16.3. To complete the upgrade and move forward (start listing in other exchanges, improve the proof of work and beat new records, etc.), some softforks have to be enabled. However, the activation process is getting stale. Indeed, 95% of the blocks must indicate support for these forks during 12 h, which is basically impossible because of a couple of miners. Both never appeared publicly to explain why they are not upgrading.

As it is clear that the majority of the Riecoin community wants to upgrade, and as we should not be retained by those non cooperating people, we decided to lower the threshold to 77.5% (80% might still be too much, 75% a bit low as we reached 76.5% recently) with a release. The window has been increased from 12 h to 1 week to ensure a safe activation. We also want to give everyone enough time to upgrade to Please upgrade as soon as possible.

New miners are welcome, and additional mining power from the curent ones as well, in order to reach this 77.5% threshold and definitively make 0.10.2 a thing of the past. New developers are more than welcome too, as Bitcoin just released 0.18.0, and Riecoin shall never be outdated again like it was in the 0.10.2 era.

You can get the latest binaries here. No further action have to be done, other than replacing the wallet binaries and restarting it. That said, always make sure that you have backups of your private keys.