News/Segwit activation and new Riecoin website

From Riecoin
Published on 2019-05-18 by Pttn.

The long anticipated network upgrade is finally at its end, with the miners reaching the consensus threshold yesterday. Thank you everyone for your contribution to our success! We can now move forwards and work for the Riecoin’s future.

There will still be a one-week period before the actual softforks activation, so late people have until Block 1096704 to upgrade to After this point, blocks produced using older versions will be rejected.

Meanwhile, a new Riecoin website has been opened, Indeed, the original website was not updated since 2014, and there is no sign of its owner gatra to update it. There is no point in referencing Riecoin with an outdated website, which would give the impression of a dead project, and notably deter exchanges from listing Riecoin.