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Riecoin is maintained by members of its community, and there is little sense to talk about a team as we don’t have a concrete nor registered organization. However, notable contributors to the project tend to become reference people that represent the project and are the ones to contact before getting involved with Riecoin, forming a de facto team that is summarized here. People here are not paid employees nor subject to contracts of any sort, only volunteers that choose to dedicate some of their time and resources to Riecoin.

Core members

These people are reference community members and represent the project. They provided essential contributions to the project and work actively to keep it alive. They are the ones to contact if you want to get involved with Riecoin or for formal requests.


These people have excellent knowledge of the technical aspects of Riecoin and even if they may be focused on a specific Riecoin software, they could contribute and give help to basically any Riecoin software. They are not just maintaining some repository or contributing code once a while.

  • Pttn, general Riecoin developer

This is an open position, Riecoin needs more active developers. Having experience in cryptocurrency related development is preferred, especially deep knowledge of the Bitcoin Core code and features like SegWit. Advanced theoretical mathematics, computer science or even economics knowledge that can be used for the project would also be welcomed in order to produce innovative ideas rather than simply porting Bitcoin code. Miner developers are also welcome, as well as developers of derivative software like thin wallets or anything Riecoin based.


This is an open position. While the project itself does not strictly require an artist, it would be nice to have a reference artist that actively supports Riecoin and is always ready to provide quality artwork for the project and the community members when they need some. Such Riecoin artist would also constantly be working on a serious project like a video game or a series (for example a webcomic or animated episodes) featuring or making use of Riecoin, helping to gather new interest by entertainment channels.

Community Manager/Marketing

This is an open position. While Pttn already maintains the various Riecoin social media (Discord, Reddit, Twitter), someone more experienced and qualified in this domain would be more appropriate, and this would help him to focus more on Riecoin software development.

Such person must understand well and support the Riecoin's purposes and vision, and their roles would be to actively spread the word about the project to gather new and genuine interest from various external communities (not just pumping some follower counters), and animating the Riecoin community.

This is an open position. For now, funding for the Riecoin project is basically non existent but would eventually become a crucial part of the project as it grows. So, we are looking for someone that shares the Riecoin's vision and supports the project financially for the long term, in order to pay various expenses like hosting costs or exchanges listings, as well as the Riecoin contributors. Consistent funding is also essential in order to build an official and solid Riecoin team.

Notable community members

Pool operators

They are active Riecoin pool operators that are established since years and are following closely the Riecoin community and development.

Inactive/Former notable members

  • Gatra, creator of Riecoin;
  • clo1, worked on the Riecoin Core 0.16.3 upgrade;
  • Cryptapus, contributed to Riecoin Core and created some Riecoin related software, though they are no longer maintained);
  • Michael Bell, contributed to rieMiner;
  • dga, author of fastrie from which rieMiner was initially based.

Joining the project

If you are interested in becoming an important actor of the Riecoin project, the doors are open, as you can see the several open positions. However, you will have to prove that you can indeed provide valuable and consistent contributions that will help Riecoin achieve its purposes, and should be ready to support the project for the long term. Also, you must share the project's vision and fully support it.

Just contacting a core member and advertising your skills will not be worth anything. There are already several people who did it and even pretended to help Riecoin, but then did not contribute anything at all. However, we will notice any concrete and valuable work done for Riecoin and it is by contributing consistently to the project that you may have a chance to become an influential member of the Riecoin community.