From Riecoin

Hello! I am a Riecoin developer. If you want to get involved with Riecoin, I am the person to contact (you can reach me in the Riecoin communication platforms, in particular the Discord server).

My history with Riecoin

I discovered Bitcoin and the cryptosphere in 2013. When I learned about mining, I quickly realized that I could not reasonably mine Bitcoins and was pretty disappointed... Not having a powerful GPU, I looked into CPU mining and found a nice mining pool, (defunct since long), that proposed various CPU and GPU mineable coins. One day, they added Riecoin and it was the first time I heard about it. It was one of the most profitable coins so I mined some. However, all I wanted was to get some Bitcoins so I did not even care about Riecoin, and after some months I just gradually lost interest...

Years later, I regained interest in the domain, remembered my experience with Riecoin, and started to mine again in 2018. Given how easy it was to find blocks, I wanted to do solo mining and wrote rieMiner as no efficient solo mining software existed, learning a lot in the process and realizing the potential of Riecoin. The Poloniex delisting was also what prompted me to contribute even more due to how such horrible exchange almost killed a good project.

At this period, the Riecoin Core 0.16.3 upgrade was in development, clo1 being the main developer while I did a few contributions. At the same time, the original Riecoin creator stopped caring about the project, basically condemning it. So I created (the original website was, which was never even updated since 2015) as well as the Discord server to keep the community alive.

Unfortunately, clo1 disappeared as well a short time after the 0.16.3 upgrade, leaving Riecoin without anyone to advance the project. So, I started to learn about all the technical Bitcoin stuff and took over the Riecoin development. I designed the 0.20 fork and hope that its release will be the first step towards a much better future for Riecoin.

Contributions to Riecoin