rieMiner/Pooled Mining

From Riecoin

Here are the instructions to mine Riecoins with rieMiner and a pool. We assume that you already downloaded rieMiner from here or built it.

Pool choice and account creation

First, you need to choose a Riecoin pool. To prevent centralization, please choose a pool that does not already have a large part of the mining power.

You may need to create an account there.

rieMiner configuration

Once you have chosen your pool and created an account there if needed, make sure that you have an username and its password, the pool mining URL and port.

Sometimes, the username includes a worker name, making the username look like username.worker. Also note that note that the mining URL is not always the same as the pool's web interface URL!

You have now two ways to configure rieMiner.

rieMiner Assistant

If you start rieMiner for the first time, it will ask a few questions. Just answer with the information in bold above.

If you don't see the assistant (which can happen if you made a mistake and closed the miner before finishing the configuration), make sure that there is no rieMiner.conf file next to the binary, delete it if present.

Manual configuration file

Create a rieMiner.conf next to the rieMiner binary and use the following template.

Mode = Pool
Host = mining.example.com
Port = 5000
Username = username
Password = password

Read the tuning guide if you want to tune your miner for the best performance, or the README.md to see more options for the configuration file.


You can now earn Riecoins! Monitor the pool interface to see your earnings, and do not forget to set things there if you have an account, like the payout address and other auto payout options. Happy Mining!