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As mentioned in the FAQ, Riecoin is community led and we don’t have paid developers or a concrete organization. If you want to propose something for the Riecoin project, please create an account in the Riecoin Forum and open a topic in the appropriate subforum. Your proposal will then be visible to the community after the approval of a moderator, and the discussion will be open.

We may give an email address or communicate with one if required, notably in cases like exchanges listings or to inform them about software updates. Otherwise, as we kept receiving uninteresting proposals from people that don't even bother to understand that we have very limited financial resources, that don't have any actual interest in the project, or that keep sending follow-up emails despite us telling that we would consider them as spammers, we do not longer provide a public email address to contact us. Please make your proposals in the Riecoin Forum as mentioned above.