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Generally, if you want to contribute to Riecoin, you should be autonomous and find out by yourself what Riecoin needs, though you will also find a few general ideas below. By contributing consistently and helping the project to achieve its purposes, you might even become a valuable member of the Riecoin community!

Support the network

Mining Riecoins constantly helps to make the Riecoin network more robust, so if you can afford it, please leave rieMiner running and earn coins in return!

Leaving Riecoin Core constantly open will also help the Riecoin network.

Riecoin software contributions

Any useful contribution to Riecoin code will be appreciated.

  • You can help to bring the Riecoin Core issues count to zero;
  • If you have some theoretical background and are able to write efficient number crunching software, you can try to improve the rieMiner's performance;
  • There are a lot of useful Riecoin software that wait to be created! Android/thin wallets, Riecoin plugins, anything that facilitate Riecoin integration in stores, the list is long!

Spread the Riecoin usage and awareness

Help us finding and implementing new uses of Riecoin or convincing services providers or stores to accept Riecoin as payment. Spread the word to your geek and non-geek friends!

Financial support would be more than welcome, to fund exchange listings, pay hosting expenses or donate to Riecoin contributors. You can directly send coins to ric1qr3yxckxtl7lacvtuzhrdrtrlzvlydane2h37ja (RIC) or bc1qr3yxckxtl7lacvtuzhrdrtrlzvlydaneqela0u (BTC), or alternatively to other funding or bounties addresses. You will this way motivate other people to make contributions!