Riecoin.dev Faucet

Welcome to the Riecoin.dev Faucet!

You can claim some coins here at any time and even multiple times, provided that you have enough PoW Credits in your account.
Claims will fund your faucet balance and are active for a month. You can withdraw once you have accumulated 10 active claims.

Current rate: consume 0.5 PoWc to claim 0.05 RIC
Stack some RIC while it is still easy to get plenty of them!

Faucet balance: 3009.58559149 RIC
Donate coins to ric1pue5v2s3ejgc0d6qtr7te2j6zsvwflyw5kp2mzqhyhvepspxs72eszw60ce to load the Faucet!

Claim some RIC

Please select a supported PoW Server and provide a token. Then, if you have enough PoWc, you can claim some coins.
If it is the first time you are using this, please read below.

PoW Server

By submitting, you accept that we create two cookies to store the server and the token in order to not ask for these again.

How does this work?

You need to create an account in a supported PoW Server, and then mine some RIC in order to increase your available PoW Credits. 1 PoWc corresponds to the work done to find 1 Riecoin Block, and they expire after 7 days.

It will initially take some time to accumulate enough PoWc, but then, by contributing consistently to the Riecoin Network and finding interesting prime numbers, you can generate your PoWc without effort in the background while earning RIC, and consume it as Captcha replacement, which tend to become increasingly difficult and annoying due to Artificial Intelligence advances.

Our faucet show that the power of PoW is a suitable replacement to Captchas. Create your own faucet with PoWFaucet or use its code to also replace Captchas by PoW!