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rieMiner is a thin Riecoin wallet written by Pttn. It makes it very easy to receive and send Riecoins without any setup or blockchain download. This is great for Riecoin beginners or people that don't have a powerful computer.

It is a portable software, no installation needed. You can put the binaries and the key files in a folder of an USB stick and access your funds anywhere, though rieWallet should only be run on trusted computers. Backups are also made very easy as it simply consists in copying a single file.

Advanced users are encouraged to use Riecoin Core to access more features, and leave it open in order to support the Riecoin network.

Also, rieWallet is experimental software and should for now only be used for small transactions.

The source code is currently hosted on GitHub and the latest binaries for Linux and Windows can be found here.

Riecoin Forum Topic: https://forum.riecoin.dev/viewtopic.php?t=95