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This page lists exchanges that currently have Riecoin listed.


The exchanges are listed in alphabetical order.

Exchange Paired With Fees (Maker/Taker) Withdrawal Fees RIC Deposit Confirmations Remarks
CPX Classic BTC, LTC, DOGE 0.2% 0.005 RIC/0.0004 BTC 6 Not possible to generate more Deposit Addresses for each coin.
Exbitron BTC, USDT (BEP20) 0.2% 0.01 RIC/0.0004 BTC 10 Not possible to generate more Deposit Addresses for each coin.
FreiExchange BTC 0% 0.5% (RIC)/0.5% + 0.0006 (BTC) 9 Not possible to generate more Deposit Addresses for each coin.
SouthXchange BTC, LTC 0.1%/0.3% 0.01 RIC/0.00015 BTC (free if using Lightning Network) 30 BTC Withdrawal Fee often changes

Riecoin BEP20

Riecoin also exists as a wrapped token on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing the use of some DeFi services with RIC. Riecoin BEP20 (RICB) is 1:1 pegged with RIC.

RICB can currently be traded with any other BEP20 token on PancakeSwap. The contract must be entered as token in the swap form.

The contract is 0xc2097531d6cd4a712ae08f398283a92631dc39f9.
84 million RICB have been minted, they are initially owned by the contract creator, then once a while put in circulation depending on the new services using RIC(B) or the demand. Unused RICB will eventually be burnt once there is no more reason to put more RICB in circulation. There is no way to mint new RICB and increase the total supply.

The RIC Donation Address ric1qr3yxckxtl7lacvtuzhrdrtrlzvlydane2h37ja and Cold Wallet ric1qx685t7z20tpty7t2p942er62eyk36k7y5hl0gh are current proof of reserves, and the circulating RICB shall never be more than these reserves.

To exchange RICB for RIC and vice versa, one must for now contact a Riecoin developer on the Riecoin Forum to swap manually the coins, or find someone else that is willing to make the swap.

There are currently 75000 RICB in circulation.