Riecoin needs support! We are offering a 1,000,000 RIC bounty, which was worth more than $500,000 during the Riecoin ATH, to whoever makes a fruitful partnership with us, and significantly contributes to the Riecoin adoption. Note that the supply is capped to about 84,000,000 RIC!
Riecoin makes use of PoW to do scientific number crunching in addition to securing the network, which provides a concrete solution to the PoW power consumption issue and makes the existence of any hash PoW altcoin an aberration and hundreds of mining algorithms useless. Yet it remains overlooked by major medias and actors. So if you have the resources to give Riecoin the attention it deserves, don't miss this interesting opportunity!


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General donation addresses

You can donate to the project by sending Riecoins or Bitcoins to the addresses:

This money will be used to cover hosting/domain expenses and to fund projects, exchange listings, or sometimes bounties.

Current funding

You can fund Riecoin projects to encourage people that work on them, or help to pay exchange listings.

Funds/Donations for Funding address
Future Riecoin Core upgrades (0.21+) ric1qml5q7aqe0clq66gcyqews6kuaw9fl9mykj5m2s (RIC) / bc1qml5q7aqe0clq66gcyqews6kuaw9fl9myuu6ch3 (BTC)
New exchanges listings ric1q5t58dgkf97m0du4sxh8l2ydee95vk8fxs6xklz (RIC) / bc1q5t58dgkf97m0du4sxh8l2ydee95vk8fx65g4zr (BTC)

If you have an interesting project to propose, you can contact a core member and have your project listed here.


More coins are stored on a cold wallet, which current and only address is ric1qx685t7z20tpty7t2p942er62eyk36k7y5hl0gh.


The Riecoin forum has a Bounties subforum, where you can earn RIC by doing some tasks, or propose yourself a bounty if you want to see something accomplished!