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New to Riecoin? Welcome to this exciting project!

Firstly, you should read the FAQ to get answers to some questions you may have. The Homepage also provides some useful links.

Setting up a wallet

You can start receiving and sending Riecoin simply by downloading rieWallet. It is very easy to use and does not need any blockchain download nor configuration.

Advanced users can use Riecoin Core, it is recommended to read the setup guide.

Mining Riecoins

The reference miner is rieMiner, and you can read the guides for pooled mining and solo mining to start earning Riecoins by providing computing power and supporting the Riecoin network.

A mining calculator is available to estimate earnings, though the best way is still to do some actual mining and use the values shown by rieMiner.

Get involved

Enjoying using Riecoin? Something missing? Having ideas to spread the Riecoin use? Needing help? You can discuss about Riecoin there:

You are welcomed to contribute to the project, and bounties may also be open!

Learn more

Read the different Riecoin guides to learn more about Riecoin and its technical aspects.