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This page lists current Riecoin mining pools. Instructions for pooled mining with rieMiner can be found here.

To prevent centralization, please choose a pool that does not already have a large part of the mining power. You can find the distribution here (including large solo miners).


0.20.0 upgrade - It is recommended to mine with an updated pool, ready for the fork. Such updated pools are in bold, and the latest rieMiner (0.92) can only be used there.

The Mining URL and Port are parameters for your miner software.

The pools are listed in alphabetical order.

Pool Operator Mining URL Mining Port Remarks
PrimaPool DeKon/PrimaLab 2004, 2005, 5000 No account required, use a Riecoin address as username and anything as password.
Suprnova OcMiner ric.suprnova.cc 5000 Use username.worker as username.
uBlock.it ziiip mine.ublock.it 5000 Servers in the US. Use username.worker as username.
XpoolX xpoolx mining.xpoolx.com 2200 Servers in Spain. No account required, use a Riecoin address as username and RIC as password.

Some pools stats with MiningPoolStats.

Create a new pool

If you have the required knowledge, you could also start a mining pool! NOMP-RIC provides basic software to achieve this. Of course it should be good enough if you want to have it listed here.