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rieMiner is a Riecoin miner written by Pttn. It was originally adapted and refactored from gatra's cpuminer-rminerd and dave-andersen's fastrie, though there is no remaining code from them anymore.

The source code is currently hosted on GitHub and the latest binaries for Linux and Windows can be found here.


Both Riecoin solo and pooled mining are supported. rieMiner can also be run standalone for prime constellation record attempts.


They also include configuration file templates.

For advanced users, the list of options and build instructions can be found on the GitHub repository (README.md file).

Also take a look at the mining algorithm explanation to learn more about the mathematics behind rieMiner, as well as the signification of some of the options. For the more low level aspects like how the solutions are encoded, read the PoW implementation guide. For things like how to compute earning estimations or mining power, read Stella (the benchmark guide above can also be useful).