Getting Started

New to Riecoin? Let’s begin!

Get and set your wallet

The official wallet is Riecoin Core, which is based on the Bitcoin Core wallet. There also exists a Webwallet maintained by Cryptapus if you want something that is really easy and quick to use. Read the instructions here in order to set your Riecoin wallet.

Get Riecoins

Now that you are ready to use Riecoin, here is how to get some coins.

A faucet exists and will give you instantly a small amount of RIC. You can thank Cryptapus again for providing his faucet. Type your address and solve the captchas, and you will get almost 0,1 RIC to play with. You can come back every 24 hours.

Else, you can buy Riecoins in the existing Riecoin exchanges. Create an account there and start trading.

You can also mine Riecoins and support the network! Start Mining.

Get involved!

Enjoying using Riecoin? Something missing? Having ideas to spread the Riecoin use? Needing help? You can discuss about Riecoin there:

For developers, or just to know more technical details, look at the Resources page.

Current projects, needs and discussions

The Riecoin Community thanks you for your interest in Riecoin.