Right now, Riecoin is only listed in Zapple, a young exchange with very low volume, even if they have ambitious projects. We need to list Riecoin somewhere else, and preferably in high volume exchange, in order to make mining very profitable again and stabilize the price thanks to liquidity.

Riecoin was proposed to the SouthXchange platform. While still a low volume exchange, it has much more liquidity than Zapple, which will certainly help to make the Riecoin price recover and stabilize it. Getting listed there will also reactive Riecoin in CoinMarketCap!

In order to be listed, Riecoin needs to win the coin voting. It works this way:

Every Wednesday we pick the most voted coin. Only one coin is selected. To vote please send Bitcoins to the vote address. 1 vote = 0.001 BTC. Minimum 500 votes required to be considered. Votes are cumulative from week to week.

Everyone can help by sending BTC to the Riecoin voting address, 1FWhS3bn8W9Bu5GqjKtffvX3hJguvTh3w7. Monitor the vote here.

Thank you for your support!