Mining Calculator

Estimating Riecoin earnings precisely is very difficult, and the best way is to actually mine during some time and calculate from the miner’s outputs. You will find below a calculator that estimates the earnings.

Start mining with rieMiner (be sure to read the instructions carefully). This calculator is only valid for rieMiner 0.91.


With at .

At usual ranges (Difficulties 1000-2000, 2-16 cores), results should be within 10-20%, but as there are so many factors to consider, they can also be a lot off. Again, we invite you to directly mine for more precise values. This calculator is only here to get a really quick and rough idea of earnings by mining Riecoins. Currently, if you have 12 cores of more, config tweaking will be needed in order to approach the earning estimations.

How it works

This calculator is based on a few measures, empirical observations and some assumptions.

  • The calculator assumes default parameters and no issue with them; tweaking the rieMiner.conf may yield better or worse results, alter the ratios and p/s;
  • For each relevant architecture, the rieMiner’s Standard Benchmark (at Difficulty 1600) was run with a representative processor if available, and from the benchmark result, a value a which would be the pps for 1 core (without HT/SMT) at 1 GHz was extrapolated and associated to the architecture. HT/SMT speedups t were also estimated. If such processor was not available, a was estimated according to IPC reports from various sources;
  • It is assumed that the performance scales proportionally to the frequency f and number c of cores. In practice, starting from ~16 cores (or at very low Difficulties), there may be some parallelization issues (CPU Underuse);
  • Empirical testing showed that the actual mining difficulty with the rieMiner’s algorithm is proportional to the Difficulty to the power ~8-8.5 (8.25 in the calculator);
  • It is assumed that the n/(n + 1)-tuples ratios do not depend on n (if rieMiner finds a 2-tuple every 20 prime numbers, it would find a block every 20 5-tuples). In the Standard Benchmark, the ratio is ~28.96.

From these points, it is fairly easy to extrapolate the number bpd0 of blocks found per day at Difficulty 1600: bpd0 = 86400*a*t*c*f/28.96^5. The second-to-last point gives an easy way to estimate the blocks/day bpd for a given Difficulty d, bpd = bpd0/(d/1600)^8.25. Calculating the earnings in RIC, BTC, and USD is now trivial.

There is a ~5% performance loss while mining, in comparison to pure benchmarking, this was taken in account by reducing by 5% the estimations.