A minor release is out: rieMiner 0.91. It brings a few enhancements, but no performance increase. A miner could as well continue using 0.9 without much issues. Find the latest Win64 and Deb64 binaries here! Updates:

  • For Solo Mining, Bech32 addresses are now supported (only P2PWKH for now though, P2WSH support may eventually come later);
  • Some minor interface changes, in particular a better estimation of the time to find a block, and there is now a proper and very precise earning estimation in Pooled Mining in RIC/day!
  • There was a bug which broke the statistics in Pooled Mining when the Difficulty changed, this is now fixed;
  • When mining using a Primorial Number bigger than 40, the base primes shown are now correct. This is important for people trying to beat records with the Benchmark Mode;
  • The memory estimation is more precise.

Before, there was a 2% fee for Solo Mining that was only hardcoded in the binaries. Now, a donation system is also in the source code, and you can adjust the amount between 1 and 99% with the Donate option. If you don’t want to donate, you need to edit yourself the source code. There are no fees for Pooled Mining in rieMiner.

32 bits is no longer supported. Use the 0.9 binaries or the outdated Light branch to find out how to adapt the code to make a 32 bits version of rieMiner, if you want to play with a RaspBerry Pi or vintage computers.
The PDF manual is also no longer provided as the README should be enough, even if it is not very summarized. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach the community in BitcoinTalk, Discord or Reddit!

If you compare Solo and Pooled Mining performance, you will find out that Pooled Mining is around 10% slower than Solo Mining. It was actually always the case, due to the condition of what makes a submission a share (first number prime and at least 4 primes in total). Thus, the issue is not at the miner’s end, but the pools’ one, and there is no way to fix this unless pools change the conditions of what a share is. In Discord, I gave a detailed explanation of the problem.

Happy Mining 😀 !

We still reminder everyone that we are always looking for new developers so we can make more exciting releases more often! If you are a capable programmer that likes the project, join us!