Current projects, needs and discussions

Here are the current points where developers (or anyone else) can contribute or discuss.

  • Discussion about proof of work improvements and a more dynamic difficulty adjustment algorithm:
    • Basically, the main idea is to replace the current 6-tuple pattern by something that would allow bigger or more diverse patterns. Indeed, with the current choice will never allow blocks to be a part of a 7-tuple or more, which is really a shame and defeats a lot of the Riecoin’s purpose;
    • Some are suggesting to improve the difficulty adjustment algorithm and make it much more dynamic and make the network more robust;
    • A hard fork is currently in development.
  • Help us bring down the wallet’s issues count to zero;
  • Exchange Listings: do you know about an exchange that could list Riecoin? Suggestions are welcome! Please note that such exchange should have significant liquidity. Please don’t suggest exchanges that only have a very low liquidity – if it is less than the current exchanges where Riecoin is listed, getting listed there is not worth it. Also, financial support in order to pay the listing fees are also welcome! ;
  • Create more Riecoin related software (Android/thin wallets, Riecoin plugins,…);
  • Spread the Riecoin usage and awareness. Help us finding new uses for Riecoin or convincing services providers or stores to accept Riecoin as payment. Spread the word to your geek and non-geek friends!;
  • Star our GitHub repositories if you like the project;
  • Any useful idea to improve Riecoin in any way is welcome!