Riecoin records

Records from mining

Here is a list of the blocks found by Riecoin miners, containing the prime constellations (all 6-tuples) with the biggest numbers. You can extract the first prime number of a tuple with the official wallet and these rieTools.

BlockDateDifficulty (binary digits)Decimal digitsFound by
8220962018-01-28 11:072564772RVnH5j…2t3
7938722017-12-09 21:152558770mining_ric
8382242018-02-25 19:042555769RCURB8H…95d
8341922018-02-18 17:502553769RJf4tcT…C1p
8140322018-01-14 10:522543766uBlock.it
8059682017-12-31 01:372524760RSoTqUc…Fh1
7979042017-12-16 22:402524760mining_ric
8301602018-02-11 17:222515757RP5U2j6…sFn
8261282018-02-04 17:432515757mining_ric
7898402017-12-02 21:572493751RYJSYTe…4X1

Other records using Riecoin Software

Records using the rieMiner’s Benchmark Mode. Check out our Discord #competition channel in order to discuss about anything related to beating prime constellation world records!


DateDifficulty (binary digits)Decimal digitsFound by
2019-06-161750527Vidar Nakling (vidarn/Art3mis)


DateDifficulty (binary digits)Decimal digitsFound by
2019-10-191025309Thomas Nguyen (Pttn)


DateDifficulty (binary digits)Decimal digitsFound by
2019-11-25709214Thomas Nguyen (Pttn)


DateDifficulty (binary digits)Decimal digitsFound by
2020-04-05517156Thomas Nguyen (Pttn)

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