To new Developers

If you wish to get seriously involved in the project, here is the information you need to know.

Why we need you

Riecoin was historically maintained by its founder Gatra, but otherwise never had a solid development team. Since Gatra stopped caring about the project, some of the community took over the project, but we are only a few people, that cannot dedicate as much time as we would like to contribute to the project. So the project advances only very slowly with the current team.

That is why we need new developers, to make Riecoin grow with more consistent contributions. Also projects that don’t advance much will usually deter people from contributing, so be the one that breaks that vicious cycle and makes Riecoin flourish! Note that this also means that we expect you to be a skilled and reliable developer.

You will work as a volunteer

In particular, don’t expect to get paid. We are not some organization with paid employees and all. Riecoin is a community project, contributed by volunteers in their free time.

Now if money is really your thing, you might consider how high the Riecoin price had been in the past. It consistently reached prices two orders of magnitudes over the current ones of a few tens of satoshis. That means that if you are a particularly proficient developer, you might do well enough such that interest in Riecoin rises a lot and makes the price recover to the values it used to be. So a possible 100x return might motivate you!

People from the community may also donate small amounts as gratitude for your contributions, and you might even become a part of the Riecoin Team as one reference person that influences the project’s direction.

You have freedom

There are no bosses. Nobody to give you orders. Sounds nice, right :p ? But that also means that we expect you to be autonomous and find out by yourself what the project needs. A good start is this page.

Nobody will contact you and give you precise tasks. It is you job to find out for example that Riecoin should have an Android wallet, and make it. Find out by yourself what Riecoin needs and fix it if you can! That also implies that you should know the project well, for example by having read a lot of posts in the BitcoinTalk topic or the Discord server.

In another hand, you can reach us and the whole community if you need specific help, we will be glad to help! There is a #dev channel in the Discord server for that. And naturally if you want to propose something but don’t know if there is interest in it, suggestions are welcome in our community!

Don’t just talk

There were people that pretended to contribute but never did anything and just disappeared. If you wish to be a Riecoin developer, we expect concrete and useful results from you. We don’t want people with empty promises in our community.

In another hand, it is fine if you just contribute during some short time, though we really need long term and active contributors.