Mining Calculator

Estimating Riecoin earnings precisely is very difficult, and the best way is to actually mine during some time and use these results. You will find below a calculator that estimates the earnings.

Start mining with rieMiner (be sure to read the instructions carefully). This calculator is only valid for rieMiner 0.92.


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How it works

This calculator is based on a few measures, empirical observations and some assumptions. It is an application of the principles explained here.

From these points, it is fairly easy to extrapolate the number bpd0 of blocks found per day at Difficulty 1024: bpd0 = 86400*a*t*c*f/18.546^7. Due to the fact that a smaller Primorial has to be used while Mining, the performance is a bit lower at the current difficulties, and the bpd0 value is reduced by 20% in the calculator to take this in account. The second-to-last point gives an easy way to estimate the blocks/day bpd for a given Difficulty d, bpd = bpd0/(d/1024)^9.3. Calculating the earnings in RIC, BTC, and USD is now trivial.